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Asbestos Work Plan - Q&A

 How are they managing the spray and wetting?

Water will be applied with a fire truck and fire nozzles. (Frost: Gorick owns their own fire truck)

What do they do if it is very cold and spray or wet debris freezes preventing penetration of water?

Water doesn't penetrate asbestos it wets the material, in this case it will still be effective as long as temps don't get into the single digits to sub-zero range.

How will they collect and filter water and where is collection tank and the filtration system going to be located?

There will be no collection tank, all of the drains in the foundation have been infilled with concrete. The water will be contained to the debris pile, the foot print of the building and the property via grading. (Frost: also, per Gorick, in their experience most of the water is absorbed by the material being sprayed down, so the residual water is minimal)

How will they deal with water and asbestos that soaks into the soil—which could be a lot depending on soil type, compaction and ground freezing?

Material will be kept inside the foot print of the building, at the end of the job the perimeter will be scraped clean removing the top few inches of dirt as per code, Visual inspections by Delta will confirm. 

How will they keep water off neighbor’s property?

Water will be applied from the above the demolition and down, sprayed directly onto the machine.  The site will be properly graded so that no water can escape.

How will they decide how much soil is asbestos contaminated and should be removed? (as opposed to left there, exposed to air and elements till whenever it gets built on)

Visual inspections (this is the required method by NYSDOL).

How will they deal with possible major rain events when they are not working?

Debris will be hauled Daily and any standing piles will be covered with poly.

How many air monitors there are going to be and their locations?

There will be seven air monitors and two CAMP monitors. See Air Monitor Locations Map for exact locations.

Is the concrete or steel are going to be rinsed off on site? 

Steel will be cleaned on site.

Questions answered by Bill Johnson of Delta Engineering, with some annotations from Frost Travis of Travis Hyde Properties.

Chris Stephany